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Dan Rosenbaum

San Francisco Travel x Dan Rosenbaum: Climbing Hills to New Heights

Episode Summary

Not all journeys start with a glamorous destination — some start on Craigslist. For Dan Rosenbaum, Vice President of Global Marketing at San Francisco Travel, answering a Craigslist ad kicked off thirteen years (and counting) of innovative destination marketing. In the rise from social media manager to VP, Dan learned to seek out opportunities to expand his skillset. In this episode, he shares how he volunteered to explore Facebook advertising in its early days, how he responds to challenges with meaningful campaigns, and how he finds ways to amplify what locals love about San Francisco. Come to this episode for Dan’s expert take on the evolution of social media marketing, stay for his unmissable San Francisco restaurant recommendations!

Key Takeaways: 

  • We talk about the keys to career growth in marketing, from going deep in your niche to using data to make an impact.

  • Worried about original social media content? Dan tells us how leveraging user-generated content (UGC) leads to authentic engagement.

  • Dan shares how he captures the DNA of San Francisco as a hub of innovation and creativity — and introduces its most famous celeb, Karl the Fog.

  • We discuss how Dan and his team adapted in one of the industries hit hardest by COVID-19.