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Folayo Lasaki

Striped Elephant x Folayo Lasaki: Breakthrough B2C Marketing

Episode Summary

This episode’s featured guest is Folayo Lasaki, principal and founder of Striped Elephant, a marketing and communications firm. 

From working in TV/film entertainment to becoming the head of marketing at Rainn Wilson’s SoulPancake to owning her own full-service marketing and communications agency, Folayo has done it all. Her keen eye for marketing trends allows her to observe what dominated B2C marketing in the past and what it’s shaping up to be in the near future. Today, Folayo parlays her background and hard-won wisdom into creating campaigns for a wide range of clients, all of whom have one question on their mind: How do we break through? In this episode, Folayo shares her views on what makes B2C marketing truly stand out, which platforms B2C marketers should use, the unique plight B2C brands face today and more. Dive into this treasure trove episode to hear more!