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Hanna Whirty

Icelantic Skis x Hanna Whirty: Building a Brand Through Art and Community

Episode Summary

In this episode, we’re excited to chat with Hanna Whirty, marketing director at Icelantic Skis. Hanna gives her adventurous perspective toward marketing and the downhill sport, how to keep your brand real and authentic and shows us how to consistently fight for what you believe you deserve. Her approach to making an intense sport more approachable is fun and relatable. Also, learn how to navigate making a sustainable product. Tune in to hear more of what Hanna has to say!

Key Takeaways: 

  • Hanna shares how to build a brand through art and community.

  • We discuss how keeping it real and authentic is easy when you stand behind the brand you market.

  • Hanna shares how she’s cultivated a community of loyal customers and how taking risks by trying new things can reap major benefits.

  • How striving for progress not perfection has allowed the company to make big strides toward getting climate neutral certified.

  • We learn how consistently fighting for what you want can get you the dream job you deserve.