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Josh Shelton

Sundance Institute x Josh Shelton: Finding Liberation within Limitations

Episode Summary

Nobody likes to be told “no” — which is why content producer Josh Shelton prefers to tell creatives “yes, and…” For Josh, solving problems within certain limitations is creatively liberating and has led to some of his best work. In this episode of the podcast (our very first with a producer!), Josh shares his experiences working on big movie sets with Steven Spielberg to filming cheese rolling down hill for Netflix’s We Are the Champions. He discusses his strategy for “synthesizing” conversations and human connection into the creative energy and inspiration needed to bring stories to life. And above all else, Josh reminds us that we’re all just here to have fun.

Key Takeaways:

  • We chat about the rise of quick consumption video and how channels like YouTube and TikTok have changed the media landscape and producer role.

  • Ever wonder what it’s like to work with big creative personalities like Will Smith and Adam Sandler? Josh gives us the inside scoop.

  • We dive into what it takes to identify and communicate a brand’s core values throughout the production process.

  • Josh shares why he thinks everyone should be a “good cop” and how he saves his “no’s” for when he really needs them.