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Judy Sheriff

Refine Labs x Judy Sheriff: Redefining Demand Gen

Episode Summary

This week, we’re incredibly fortunate to be joined by Judy Sheriff, General Manager at Refine Labs, an experimental demand generation agency. In this episode, we dive into Refine Lab’s scientific approach to demand gen, which they refer to as “Revenue R&D”. We unpack how marketing has completely changed since the rise of tracking in 2010 and discuss the increasing need to create ‘thumb-stopping’ experiences for your audience. Judy shares a wealth of knowledge on the demand generation space as well as her passion to continue learning through experimentation. This episode is perfect for anyone interested in the ever changing marketing landscape (including you Chris Walker fans!).

Key Takeaways:

  • Judy shares her insights on what the typical buyer’s journey looks like today, how it differs from years ago and what that means for marketers.

  • We discuss the importance of testing and iterating over time to improve your marketing ROI.

  • Curious to better understand ‘dark social’ and what it means for your audience? Judy shares her insights on how marketers should approach these dark channels.

  • Judy shares her thoughts on the one thing you should learn during college to help you with the rest of your career.