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Kyle Skinner

Patreon x Kyle Skinner: Creativity in community

Episode Summary

Communities are built through little moments, genuine connections between people and the world around them. Building a community from a brand perspective means removing the self-promotion and putting the moment ahead of the message. That’s just a glimpse of what Kyle Skinner, social media engagement manager at Patreon, talks about with us. Tune in to hear how he goes above and beyond, not to win points for the brand, but just to show support for fellow creators.

Key Takeaways: 

  • First and foremost: why community management? We’ll explain why building a community beyond the brand matters 

  • We dive into what it means to be at the intersection of art and commerce

  • Kyle explains the power of empowering communities through creation

  • The team discusses why it’s so important support your community without requiring something in return