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Lacey Hoff

Crush Studio x Lacey Hoff: Creating Magical Marketing Experiences

Episode Summary

Sometimes we just have to trust that all the dots in our life will connect. And for English major turned experiential marketer and founder/creative director of Crush Studio, Lacey Hoff, they definitely did. In this episode, Lacey shares how working as a technical editor who got in trouble for talking too much led first to a production assistant job at a museum-design firm and then a magical gig helping Universal Studios bring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to life. Since then, Lacey has had an exciting and rewarding career crafting moments and creating spaces that allow corporate brands to emotionally connect with consumers and people to open up and enjoy themselves. From finding ways to marry real-life and digital inspiration to moving quickly when the universe gifts you a brilliant idea, Lacey offers insight into creating marketing experiences that surprise, delight and transport audiences. Buckle up for this educational yet highly entertaining episode!

Key Takeaways: 

  • Have you ever wondered how brands like Zappos or Mike’s Hard Lemonade create “Instagrammable” moments? Lacey tells us how! 

  • Lacey shares why simply asking team members “what’s new?” can lead to big and bold creative ideas.

  • We discuss why the best things in life are messy.

  • Lacey reveals her predictions for the future of experiential design, including the roles that she expects AI and the metaverse to play.