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Lauren McCarthy

Cineverse x Lauren McCarthy: Finding the Story

Episode Summary

Bridging the gap between the artistic aspects of marketing such as design and the harder skills like data analysis often feels scary and unnatural for creatives. But according to theater and improv student turned Cineverse SVP of Marketing, Lauren McCarthy, it’s all about finding the story. In this episode of the podcast, she shares how tying all marketing activities back to storytelling and approaching persona research as character writing has enabled her to connect the dots across Cineverse’s many diverse properties, from Bob Ross’ “happy little” streaming channel to the most trafficked horror site on the web, Bloody Disgusting. Tune in to hear how Lauren’s product marketing approach to branding and habit of saying “yes, and” enabled her and her lean, mean marketing team to successfully rebrand Cineverse and consistently power the future of entertainment.

Key Takeaways: 

  • We discuss strategies for building a powerhouse marketing team from the ground up, including how to create a “team charter.”

  • Ever wonder what improv and marketing have in common? Lauren’s got your back…

  • Lauren shares how going back to school to get her master’s degree during the pandemic impacted her career.

  • We dig into some of the craziest yet most successful ideas the Cineverse marketing team has said “yes” to recently.