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Mallory Kincaid & Cassie Lopez

Wild Social x Mallory Kincaid & Cassie Lopez: Humanizing Your Business

Episode Summary

Nobody likes feeling vulnerable, but according to teachers turned entrepreneurs, Mallory and Cassie it’s the secret ingredient to success. And on this episode of the pod, they discuss stepping outside their comfort zones to co-found and operate not one but two successful businesses — and they have the matching tattoos to prove it! Mallory and Cassie talk about what it means to show up on social media as small business owners and how taking a chance on TikTok led to a viral moment that changed the course of their business and lives. Tune in to learn why it’s never too late to follow your passion and put yourself out there.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Mallory and Cassie discuss the challenges of successfully marketing two businesses with completely different brands and clientele.

  • Looking for ways to give back to your business? Our guests show us how it’s done — and that it’s not always how you planned. 

  • We learn the recipe for creating amazing business partnerships. Hint: It doesn’t involve ex-boyfriends.

  • Mallory and Cassie advise how to harness social media's power to connect with clients and grow your business.