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Mike Bordieri

LinkedIn x Mike Bordieri: Thumb-Stopping Content

Episode Summary

This episode’s featured guest is Mike Bordieri, senior marketing consultant at LinkedIn. 

Mike started his marketing journey right out of college when he worked as a writer covering the blue green algae at a content marketing agency in Boston. After realizing his love for flipping people’s expectations of what is or isn’t boring, Mike learned more about how to use content to meet a specific, measurable result as a content manager for a boutique real estate company in New York. Then, he found himself in a pressure-cooker-agency environment that gave him amazing opportunities to travel and interview high-profile entrepreneurs including Colin Powell, Ken Burns and Drew Bledsoe. He has since gone on to work with media giant, Bustle, as well as small SaaS startups before landing at his current position. Today, Mike has taken his hard-earned knowledge of what makes great content with him to LinkedIn where he puts his understanding of biz dev strategies and marketing to work. We dare you not to feel motivated after hearing the rest of his story!

Key Takeaways:

  • We learn how to improve the performance of branded content to create thumb-stopping assets. 

  • Mike shares his formula for writing viral stories about the strangest things. 

  • We discuss the importance of passion when it comes to content. 

  • Want to create content that wins over audiences and search engines alike? Mike dishes on his personal strategy. 

  • We discover the #1 question marketers need to ask themselves in order to create content that truly stands out.