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Miranda Miller

Brandfolder x Miranda Miller: Owning Your Creative Freedom

Episode Summary

Anyone who has worked in the creative industry knows that no two roles are the same. From agencies big and small to in-house gigs across a variety of industries, creative roles can vary greatly. Miranda Miller, senior marketing designer at Brandfolder, shares her creative journey and the lessons learned as she has grown throughout her career. In this episode, Miranda shares her insights on how her agency experience coupled with her love for working with her hands has turned her into the designer she is today. She touches on how being thrown into the fire taught her to trust herself and how she's learned to appreciate the criticism and critiques received along the way. Miranda is the creative visionary behind so much of what we do here at Brandfolder, and we’re excited to share a bit of her journey with you all!

Key Takeaways:

  • We dive into learning how to keep brands consistent while also pushing boundaries.

  • We discuss how getting thrown into the fire helps you learn.

  • Miranda shares how staying safe with her designs has never gotten her anywhere and why it’s worth leaning into the things that terrify and excite you. 

  • How does agency life prepare you for a career in design? Miranda shares her lessons learned from working on both agency-side and in-house.