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Molly Shapiro

IMDb x Molly Shapiro: A Framework for Authenticity

Episode Summary

Our featured guest is Molly Shapiro, senior art director of IMDb and creative director and founder of her own company, Studio Vesper.

Molly went from working as a hairstylist in a salon to a hairstylist on photoshoot sets to a graphic design student before she realized that she’d rather create her own artistic vision than carry out someone else’s. So when she finally settled on becoming an art director, she knew for sure she’d found her calling. Today, Molly has leveraged her previous career experience to develop the four pillars of authenticity in branding, which serve as a guiding light for her and her team of marketing specialists. In this episode, Molly talks about how to connect with Gen Z and engage various personas by sharing her personal framework (and a handy worksheet!). Your mind(set) is about to be blown!

Key Takeaways:

  • We take notes on Molly’s four pillars of authenticity in branding and how to use them. 

  • Molly divulges her insight into how perfectionism holds brands back from doing the real work. 

  • We gab about how past careers fuel current job success. 

  • Want to attract more Gen Z customers? Molly shares what she knows about how younger generations interpret marketing these days. 

  • We explore how Molly builds out marketing campaigns and creative ideas.