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Morgan Smith

Campfire Labs x Morgan Smith: The Power of Storytelling

Episode Summary

In this week’s episode, we’re pleased to introduce Campfire Labs’ senior project manager, Morgan Smith. Morgan enlightens us with her secret sauce to powerful storytelling and inspiring action from your audience. Hint: It’s emotional. With a background in journalism and a lust for traveling, Morgan’s career has flourished by crafting stories all while giving back to the community. In our conversation, she sheds some light around prioritizing truth and value in her journalistic approach to brand marketing. Listen in to hear how storytelling has been a core foundational element to her success and how it can help you to become a better brand advocate.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how Morgan’s unorthodox approach to her career led to a string of good fortune.

  • Morgan shares the secret sauce to storytelling and the key to making brands human.

  • We learn how creating brand-agnostic content can go a long way.

  • Discover how educating your audience rather than selling to them can have a big impact.

  • Morgan shares the perks of working for TEDxMileHigh and the experience she’s gotten from it.