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Patrick O'Rourke

Hasbro x Patrick O'Rourke: Magic in Marketing

Episode Summary

This week’s featured guest is Patrick O'Rourke, senior brand manager at Hasbro. 

A lifelong fan of gaming, toys and collectibles, Patrick seemed destined to join the Hasbro team from an early age. But this hero’s journey was a bit more complicated than that. From graphic design to social media to Dungeons & Dragons to brand managing, Patrick has built a career on finding the fun in whatever he does. In this episode, Patrick shares his expert insight on how to effectively market to diverse target audiences. He also teaches us why positive word of mouth should be a priority in every business and how to magically get more of it. You won’t want to miss this Critical Hit!

Key Takeaways:

  • We learn that a brand is not what you say, it’s what you do.  

  • Patrick shares his insight into building worlds for customers that are welcoming and magical. 

  • We discuss following what you’re most passionate about and creating what you wish you could see in the world. 

  • Want to propel word of mouth marketing? Patrick shares his strategy.

  • We explore what it means to be a marketer in today’s digital world.