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Ryan Neal

The Bachelor x Ryan Neal: Growing Your Personal Brand

Episode Summary

Unless you’re not a TV fan, you’ve likely caught an episode of one of reality TV’s biggest shows, The Bachelor. In this episode, we sit down with Ryan Neal, a recording artist and producer who was a contestant on The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart. Ryan shares his background as a musician and how being on the show amplified his following, rocketing him into the world of creating and growing a personal brand. Ryan shares his experience of gaining a massive following overnight and how it forced him to focus on what really matters. If you’re in the creative business and working on growing your own personal brand, you’re gonna want to hear this one!

Key Takeaways:

  • We discuss what it truly means to make a career out of your passion. 

  • Ryan shares some behind the scenes details of his experience on The Bachelor.

  • We learn the challenges of marketing music on Instagram.

  • How does promoting a personal brand play into creative expression? Ryan shares his experience with learning to market himself.