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Sara Pion

Dandy x Sara Pion: Building Better Communities

Episode Summary

Our latest guest, Sara Pion, is currently head of marketing strategy at Dandy. Business major turned bot builder turned marketer, Sara’s many hats have earned her a wealth of rich and unique experiences. After learning from growth marketing legends at Drift, Sara has since built a career around her “nerd-level” love of marketing — don’t even get her started on A/B testing! In this episode, Sara shares her expert insight into how to build communities that actually build community. She also teaches us about customer retention and finding your people in a practical yet authentic way. Get ready to take notes!

Key Takeaways:

  • We learn why it’s best to cater to your top 10% of customers rather than the other 90%. 

  • Sara shares her insightful definition of communities and how we can best serve them. 

  • We discuss best practices for fostering conversations among your top fans. 

  • Want to integrate your in-person events with your digital communities? Sara tells us exactly how. 

  • We explore why not every company needs to have a community and whether or not creating one is right for yours.