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Shaina Zafar

JUV Consulting x Shaina Zafar: Amplifying Gen Z’s Voice

Episode Summary

Today’s teenagers don’t just stomp off to their rooms and blast angry music when they feel unheard — they start companies that amplify their voices. At least that’s what Shaina Zafar did when she co-founded JUV Consulting, where she now serves as CMO and works alongside her (mostly) fellow-Gen Z colleagues to help brands understand Zoomers and their communities on a deeper level. And in this episode of the podcast, she’s spilling the tea on what makes this social media-native generation tick — and what gives them “the ick.” Shaina shares the biggest differences between Millennials and Gen Zers, which unlikely brands have mastered marketing to Zoomers, why the future of marketing is community-first, and much more. Regardless of which side of the “is a hot dog a sandwich” debate you’re on (yes, it matters!), this episode is for you. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • We discuss what Shaina calls the “Great Reawakening” and how Gen Z is rethinking the institutions that disempower us.

  • Still focused on influencer marketing? Shaina breaks down how top brands are going beyond this trend and tapping into community.

  • We learn why brands shouldn’t worry about getting “canceled.”

  • Shaina reminds us of the importance of authenticity and that the personal is usually political for Gen Zers.