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Sia Spaulding

Farmers Insurance x Sia Spaulding: Reimagining the Tried and True

Episode Summary

Even the best marketers would be nervous about furthering the creative vision and campaign success of a brand as memorable and beloved as Farmers Insurance (admit it, the jingle is already stuck in your head). But for self-proclaimed neophile Sia Spaulding, reimagining the tried and true is what advertising is all about — and there’s nothing more exhilarating. In this episode of the podcast, Sia discusses her journey from an English and philosophy major at UCLA to Farmers Insurance Director of Advertising, along with the collective knowledge she’s gained along the way. Tune into this action-packed and entertaining episode to hear some of Sia’s favorite quotes, her advice on “sleeping when you’re dead,” and why taking a hypothesis-focused approach is the key to success for everything from creativity to company culture.

Key Takeaways: 

  • We discuss why going “back to basics” and evolving what works for new channels, consumer habits, and challenges is the heartbeat of the advertising industry. 

  • Think insurance isn’t “sexy”? Think again! Sia talks us through her strategy for keeping brands like Farmers relevant and fresh.

  • We dive into the benefits of starting your advertising career on the agency side.

  • Sia shares insights from her book, Treading in Toxicity, and ways to establish a company culture of trust and continuous growth.