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Stacia Service

Magenta Creative x Stacia Service: Strategic Design

Episode Summary

This week’s featured guest is Stacia Service, Co-Founder & Design Director of Magenta Creative.

After transitioning from agency life in Minneapolis to working from home (pre-pandemic), Stacia realized she wanted to return to her entrepreneurial roots. So when some friends got together and suggested they start an agency of their own, she was all in! Not only did she love the freedom and stability that only an agency model could provide but she also worked collaboratively with her team to craft a design-first strategy. Today, Stacia leads her team in efficient brand positioning and research that gets to the heart of each unique client’s visual marketing needs. In this episode, Stacia shares her design secrets and processes every designer can use to take their work to the next level. Get ready to be inspired! 

Key Takeaways:

  • We learn the exact steps Stacia’s team uses to prepare spot-on design strategies.

  • Stacia shares her insight into streamlining creative processes. 

  • We discuss the importance of collaborative client research. 

  • Want to create a tailor made strategy without months of research? Stacia tells all about how she and her team pull it all together. 

  • We discover what happens when creatives have the confidence to put their experience together and transform an industry from within.