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Tara Lynch

QDOBA x Tara Lynch: Embracing the Unfamiliar

Episode Summary

You’ve probably heard the saying that life begins at the end of your comfort zone — and if you ask QDOBA Sr. Manager of National Marketing, Tara Lynch, it’s definitely true. After nearly five years working for big name agencies in New York, Tara moved across the country and eventually started a product marketing job in the food and beverage industry — one that turned out to be much different than she anticipated. Nine days after starting her new role, COVID-19 hit, drastically changing the restaurant industry as the world knew it. Now Tara is sharing how she rose to the occasion, along with the most enlightening and entertaining things she learned along the way. Bring your appetite, because we’re talking brisket birria, mango salsa, citrus lime shrimp, and so much more on this tasty episode of the pod! 

Key Takeaways: 

  • We discuss the key differences between agency and in-house life and the experiences that transcend both worlds.

  • Curious how restaurants bring new flavors and menu items to life? Tara gives us the behind the scenes scoop we never knew we needed.

  • We learn all about the most pivotal marketing metrics in the food and beverage industry.

  • Tara explains how she helped successfully transform QDOBA’s fast casual dine-in model into a digital takeout and curbside experience during the pandemic.