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Tatiana Alexandra

Freelance Producer x Tatiana Alexandra: Empowering Creatives

Episode Summary

This week’s featured guest is Tatiana Alexandra, freelance creative producer and photographer. 

Since graduating as an exercise science major, Tatiana has had an interesting and inspiring journey to her current role. She spent most of her immediate post grad years trying to find her calling. But it wasn’t until a friend asked her to speak on the topic of feeling lost that she reflected on her true desire: creativity. Armed with this north star and a newfound sense of play within her work, Tatiana took on a variety of roles—ranging from modeling to sales—that all allowed her creativity to flourish. Today she enjoys the many different projects she gets to do as a creative producer and draws on all of her skills and past experiences to succeed. In this episode, Tatiana explains why being perpetually curious is key. Take a listen to unlock your own curiosity!

Key Takeaways:

  • We discuss why curiosity is the secret sauce behind creative success. 

  • Tatiana shares how brands can be proactive rather than reactive on creative projects. 

  • We chat about how to get into the production space. 

  • Want to know how to navigate a male dominated space?? Tatiana shares how being yourself is your best bet. 

  • We explore why being lost can be one of the best ways to find yourself.