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Zach Koss

Shutterfly x Zach Koss: Navigating the Unforeseen

Episode Summary

This week we’re joined by the brother of our fabulous host, Mackenzie Koss. Zach Koss, a managing art director at Shutterfly, shares how his creativity has evolved over the years - from designing gig posters for his friends in college to a full-fledged creative leadership role - and how he’s managed to navigate unforeseen circumstances in each new stage. In this episode, we chat about the best ways to handle creative criticism and what leading a creative team looks like in a remote-first world. Zach’s breadth of experience paired with his perspective of “being open to where the ride can take you,” makes for a refreshing take on the creative world that we all can learn from.

Key Takeaways:

  • How do you lead a creative team in a remote-first world? Zach shares some of the ways he’s learned to be a stronger mentor during a strange time. 

  • Zach shares what skateboarding taught him about life and art.

  • We discuss a recent Adidas campaign and get Zach’s perspective on brand’s pushing the barriers of what is and isn’t socially acceptable in advertising today. 

  • We learn about some exciting new projects in the works at Shutterfly.