Use CDN Links to Streamline Your Email Campaigns

Jessa Moon, Ibotta

For the team at Ibotta, communicating with consumers efficiently and reliably is foundational to brand success. The leading cash back app allows shoppers to earn in store and online on the purchases they make every day. To date, Ibotta has awarded their community of users over $600 million in money back—and this dedication to customer empowerment begins at the source.

Jessa Moon knows first-hand the value of reliable communication processes.

As Ibotta’s Marketing Manager of Development, she oversees a team of web developers who write the HTML and CSS code that is the backbone of Ibotta’s marketing communications. Her team collaborates with graphic designers and marketing strategists to create visually engaging, highly personalized, and interactive email and in-app messages.

Jessa is responsible for ensuring that Ibotta’s assets, from code blocks to graphics, render correctly across a wide variety of email clients, devices, and apps.

To guarantee seamless creation, distribution, and delivery of these assets, Jessa uses Brandfolder CDN (content delivery network) links to embed all brand graphics in the marketing team’s campaigns.

First, Jessa:

  1. Goes into the Ibotta Brandfolder to view the relevant image asset
  2. Toggles to the “Embed” tab
  3. Copies the Asset CDN Link and pastes into her email template

The image—still housed in Brandfolder—instantly renders in the rich text field of her email campaign.

“Because CDN involves caching images across a variety of servers, we know that if a server goes down in one location that the other servers are still going to be backing that up with our content, meaning that none of our Savers are going to open an email and find that all of the images are missing,” Jessa explains. “That’s super important to Ibotta and our marketing because we are the first point of contact with all of our Savers, and that impression they get from our email content is really valuable to them.”

Even if Jessa isn’t using a CDN link in her own campaign, Brandfolder CDN enables her to provide links to colleagues for other imagery needs, like banners in their mobile app.

And since the images themselves never actually leave Brandfolder (forget downloading and reuploading, forget the time associated with that, and forget the dangers of large file sizes and inconsistent file type affecting rendering ability), Jessa knows Ibotta’s visuals will always deliver.

“Knowing that those images are going to be there—that the data and content is reliable—is super important to our program, and it is really wonderful that we can count on our Savers getting valuable content every time we send out an email.”

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