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Convert Your Metadata Into Easily Searchable Tags and Custom Fields

Chelsea Mitchell, Brandfolder

Here at Brandfolder, seamless and efficient asset search is a core component of what makes our platform so intuitive. We are, after all, founded on the notion that your digital asset management process, from search to modification to distribution, need not be so time-consuming or difficult.

That’s why for Chelsea Mitchell, our extraordinary Technical CX Manager, the metadata conversions tool is one of the most valuable Brandfolder tips.

The tool allows her to pull indexed metadata—“keywords, caption abstract, make and model of a camera...things that could be pertinent for the end user to see as soon as they click into an asset,” as she explains—out of the metadata tab and into more actionable forms like custom fields and tags.

First, Chelsea:

  1. Enters the bulk conversion setting in the upper right-hand corner of her BF homepage
  2. Selects “metadata conversion” from the list of options on the left-hand sidebar
  3. Creates the new conversions she’d like applied to her metadata.

In this case, it’s turning keywords into auto-tags, and file types into custom fields.

Using her “good pal Finn” as an example (never underestimate our love for dogs and dedication to collaborating with them whenever possible!), Chelsea shows how in a matter of seconds, the information she wanted displayed for her Brandfolder users and incorporated into her search tags were converted to serve precisely those purposes.

And, as she notes, it’s not just Finn who’s affected; every asset uploaded across her entire Brandfolder organization has the same updated rendering.

“This helps with searching, finding other assets similar to Finn, and also just gives a nice clean visual instead of having this very important information embedded in the [metadata] tab,” says Chelsea. “I hope you find metadata conversions as useful as I do!”

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