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Bakers Delight's client story

Bakers Delight exceeds their monthly export goals by 30% with Brandfolder's Content Automation

Bakers Delight is Australia’s most successful bakery franchise and can be found in more than 540 locations across Australia and New Zealand. As a family owned business, Bakers Delight prides itself on supporting small local family businesses in providing their local communities with delicious and nutritious bread, freshly baked each and every day.

Bakers Delight logo

Elise Cittadini

Campaign Manager

Company Stats

  • Bakery

  • Located in Australia and New Zealand

  • 540+ franchisees

  • 33% increase in franchisee produced content

  • 60% decrease in custom design requests

Photo of Bakers Delight baked lemon goods with lemons surrounding the baked goods.

This case study is about Brandfolder Content Automation, previously known as Outfit. We are thrilled to offer this templating technology as part of our digital asset management platform. You can learn more about Brandfolder Content Automation here.


As a result of the changing marketing landscape and the increased expectations of franchisees, the incumbent, print-oriented, local marketing production system needed to be updated.

The existing platform was difficult to use - particularly for one of the most vital POS elements, basket labels; it was not possible to extract data from the system to demonstrate an ROI; and marketing channels like social and digital weren’t supported within the platform.

The incumbent system meant the franchise network was requesting more than 1,800 custom scope artworks a year from the corporate local marketing team, there were franchisees not executing local marketing and there were high quantities of off-brand collateral.

The local marketing team was spending all their time producing artwork instead of planning and operationalizing local marketing with individual franchisees to improve sales and community connection and awareness. The lack of data available from the incumbent system as well as the fast turnaround required for individual artwork requests also meant it was difficult to forecast workload.


Bakers Delight required the new local marketing solution to deliver:

  • an improved level of user navigation and ease of use
  • increased flexibility for the types of collateral able to be created without compromising the brand
  • faster artwork creation
  • improved sentiment about, and use of local marketing
  • The templates within Brandfolder Content Automation allow ease of use for franchisees to produce local marketing collateral, and ease of use for admins to quickly deliver new promotions.


Brandfolder Content Automation empowers Bakers Delight franchisees to produce content, customize it to their store and community and render their own marketing materials with no branding concerns or bottlenecks.

"Franchisees who previously never executed local marketing are creating collateral easily within Brandfolder Content Automation; strengthening their business, building community presence, driving sales and all whilst protecting the Bakers Delight brand." – Elise Cittadini, Campaign Manager, Bakers Delight


Bakers Delight has seen an immediate uplift in the volume of local marketing being created and used, exceeding their target of a 30% uplift in exports month on month.

At the same time, the volume of bespoke artwork requests is down almost 60%. This allows the corporate local marketing team to spend more time with franchisees, value adding to franchisees’ local marketing strategies and tactics.

More franchisees are using the system than ever used the previous system, or made bespoke artwork requests. Across the network, there is increased use of local marketing and increased positive sentiment from franchisees about the ease of use of the platform.

"The sentiment within the network for local marketing is so much more positive now. The ease of use and immediacy of creating their own artwork for our franchisees is very powerful. Brandfolder Content Automation has changed the way franchisees approach local marketing." – Elise Cittadini, Campaign Manager, Bakers Delight


Because Brandfolder Content Automation empowers franchisees within Bakers Delight to create their own local marketing it is impacting relationships positively and creating opportunities for new and innovative solutions to be crafted to grow sales and support franchisees.

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