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Duo Security's client story

Duo Security's 800+ stakeholders adopt Brandfolder with ease

Duo combines security expertise with a user-centered philosophy to provide two-factor authentication and secure single sign-on tools for modern organizations. With over 500 million authentications per month, Duo's simple and effective solutions give users freedom to focus on their passions and overall goals.

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Brandon Nalband

Creative Operations Manager

Company Stats

  • Founded in 2009

  • +18,000 customers in 100 countries

  • 500 million authentications every month

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Prior to Brandfolder, Duo Security utilized a different DAM solution that has recently been purchased by a large European-based DAM. However, after implementing this platform, Brandon Nalband, Creative Operations Manager, found that it simply failed to solve the fundamental pain points plaguing his creative team. And, most importantly, Brandon struggled with getting his 800+ employees to adopt the platform.

One major issue Brandon experienced with the previous system was the organization structure. Like many cloud storage providers and DAMs, it was also based on a folder structure hierarchy. With assets buried in poorly-named folders, Brandon struggled to feel confident when sending his stakeholders to the DAM to access assets.

Other pain points Brandon experienced with this DAM included:

  • Stakeholders couldn't quickly examine, export, or customize assets for their specific use case
  • Hundreds of asset requests were sent to the internal creative agency due to messy folder structure
  • An inability to filter and search for assets based on technical compliance language
  • Duplication of content due to poor findability of assets which wasted resources and cost company money
  • Previous system required individual training and led to poor adoption reads
  • Incorrect assets and messaging were being used in the market


As a creative operations professional, Brandon's main goal is to drive efficiencies through improved processes. Brandon needed a better DAM platform to meet Duo's specific needs and serve as a single source of truth for their marketing, sales, and graphic design teams.

The improved efficiency would hopefully allow the internal creative agency to work on the strategic projects that drive the business forward instead of responding to asset requests, create an advantage in growing their customer base, and educate the marketplace about their solution.

Now with Brandfolder, Brandon can easily organize, find, distribute, and analyze Duo's internal assets with Brandfolder features like:

  • Collections of assets with permissions that are pertinent only to the correct stakeholders
  • Product-specific tagging to aid in findability of technical compliance documents
  • Share links of bulk assets for not only internal use, but also external stakeholders as well—like prospective customers
  • Templating, which enables quick customization of sales materials and other creative assets inside of Brandfolder's editor
  • Asset analytics and insights to measure effectiveness of design and sales materials

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With Brandfolder's user-friendly platform and robust findability features, Duo has been able to give 800+ employees a single source of truth while eliminating unnecessary strain on Brandon's internal creative agency. By knowing what's accessible and exactly how to find it, sales and marketing team members help strengthen the Duo brand by bringing the correct assets to market.

By knowing what's accessible and exactly how to find it, sales and marketing team members help strengthen the Duo brand by bringing the correct assets to market in a self-service manner. And, Brandon and his team no longer get hundreds of asset requests to resize that logo or convert the file type to a different format.

With our advanced search capabilities that use natural language processing, stakeholders can search and find assets within seconds. And, edits within an on-brand template are all it takes to fit any number of unique sales scenario or launch a marketing campaign quicker.

Key Takeaways

  • The internal creative agency eliminated more than 10 hours per week thanks to findability and self-service features. That's 520 hours a year!
  • An organized, central repository of all company assets that 800+ stakeholders can access at any time
  • Advanced search and findability features based on product-specific verbiage
  • Correct and localized materials being used in market thanks to findability and on-brand templates
  • Saved time and resources put toward more strategic creative projects that drive the business forward

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