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FINIS' client story

FINIS expands global sales thanks to Brandfolder's distribution capabilities

FINIS is a global swimwear brand that specializes in innovative training and high-quality racing gear. On a mission to simplify swimming, FINIS helps everyone from beginners to Olympic athletes enjoy the water.

FINIS logo
Jill Bennett headshot

Jill Bennett

Global Director of Sales & Marketing

Becca Wyant headshot

Becca Wyant

Creative Director and Photographer

Company Stats

  • Sold in 90 countries worldwide

  • 37,879 asset downloads since Brandfolder inception

  • 6,392 asset shares since Brandfolder inception

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Product launches are the lifeblood of FINIS. At any given time, Jill and Becca are launching nearly seven new swimwear products into market. If you can imagine, each product includes rich information, such as product codes, metadata, colors, file types, and more. Prior to Brandfolder, the process of organizing and distributing their products' digital assets was time-consuming and complicated; it even involved mailing out thumb-drives.

Jill and Becca needed an intuitive platform that empowered not only their internal teams but also their external influencers, partners, and distributors, to be more self-sufficient and consistent when engaging with their brand assets. As a company that relies heavily on its partners to sell the FINIS brand, they needed a platform that was intuitive and easy to use, without any additional training.


Brandfolder has given FINIS a single source of truth for all of their digital production assets where they organize by the asset layer — take for example their snorkel product. Within the snorkel asset modal, everyone can find all of its individual materials, such as lifestyle imagery produced by Becca and product spec sheets, as well as sales materials written by Jill.

A tool like Brandfolder helps us strengthen our relationships with partners and distributors. Because of the centralized location and seamless usability, they save time, they look good with our polished assets, and it's just a smooth experience for everyone. – Jill Bennett

With bulk uploading and auto-tagging, Becca saves time organizing her production assets that Jill can, then, easily find and use in marketing campaigns. External partners are also easily able to search and filter based on the desired product they are selling, as well as convert them into correct file formats and sizes for their individual sales channels. Jill also utilizes our asset analytics and insights to inform strategic planning and optimize marketing campaigns to continue growing their digital brand presence.

Not only are our customers and employees able to go and locate the assets they need, but they're also able to change the sizes into whatever file format they want. Now, we can work on the projects that matter. For anyone out there thinking about Brandfolder, do it. – Becca Wyant


Brandfolder has become a one-stop shop for FINIS and all of its global stakeholders — everyone from internal sales teams to sponsored athletes and digital influencers to retail distributors.

And, because of this, FINIS has increased their brand awareness within the larger global market. Whether a sales rep in Germany sending a postcard to coaches for product promotion or a retailer in Arizona stocking shelves with FINIS snorkels, the assets are high-quality and consistent, and the experience to get the assets is quick and seamless.

With the help of Brandfolder, FINIS' reputation of being the most innovative and polished brand has skyrocketed with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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