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Getty Images' client story

Getty Images and Its Customers Leverage Brandfolder's DAM to Organize and Distribute Millions of Digital Assets

The Critical Need for Digital Asset Management

Getty Images, a preeminent global visual content creator and marketplace, offers a full range of content solutions to meet the needs of any customer, no matter their size. More than 750,000 customers from almost every country in the world purchase from Getty Images in a year, helping them to discover, purchase and share powerful visual content from the world's best photographers and videographers.

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 Peter Orlowsky headshot

Peter Orlowsky

Senior VP of Partnerships

Company Stats

  • Founded in 1995

  • Home to over 477 million visual assets (video + still)

  • More than 750,000 annual customers from almost every country in the world

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Getty Images stats

Over the past 25 years, Getty Images has grown into a multibillion-dollar global e-commerce industry leader and trusted brand. With hundreds of thousands of content creators contributing to its library on a daily basis, Getty Images is responsible for providing coverage for the most popular news, sports and entertainment events each year. To put it simply, our everyday lives are impacted by the content that lives on Getty Images. Today, the organization is home to the world's deepest digital archive of historic photography.

Getty Images' aim is to help businesses of all types and sizes connect and compete in an increasingly digital and visual world. As part of that, it is crucial that it has an efficient way to support its customers' needs to organize and distribute their Getty Images-licensed content as well as their own digital assets.

Getty Images wanted to be sure that its best-in-class content was managed by a best-in-class digital asset management (DAM) solution — one that would work with them to deliver the most efficient solution to their customers.

The Brandfolder Solution: Getty Images Media Manager Powered by Brandfolder

In August 2019, Getty Images and Brandfolder partnered to create Getty Images Media Manager Powered by Brandfolder. The solution empowers Getty Images customers to easily organize, manage, control, distribute and measure all of their digital assets in one safe and secure place. The partnership combines the world's best visual content with Brandfolder's #1 ranked digital asset management features to serve customers of all sizes all around the globe, from small businesses, non-profits and sports teams to large corporations, publishers, manufacturers, government agencies and more.

Getty Images Media Manager logo and mock Brandfolder on desktop

Media Manager, which is built on top of Brandfolder's DAM offering, provides Getty Images customers with key digital asset management functionality while seamlessly integrating into their preexisting creative workflow. Licensed content from Getty Images automatically gets added to Media Manager, so users' downloads and license details are easily stored in one place without any extra effort. Users can then access and share their licensed Getty Images content and key metadata in real time and can leverage features such as artificial intelligence to easily tag their own assets and search more efficiently.

With built-in templating, workflow tools, unlimited guest users, and third-party integrations such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Box, Dropbox and Google Drive, Media Manager offers the efficiency needed in today's digital world.

Getty Images quote from Peter Orlowsky

Become a Partner

Additionally, Media Manager helps to streamline Getty Images' global assignments business. Getty Images offers assignment services to brands and organizations all around the world to help bring their own ideas to life, whether that's one-of-a-kind events, behind-the-scenes action or 3D specialist photography. No matter what a client is looking for or where the service may be needed, Getty Images will find a content creator to fit the bill.

Getty Images Media Manager Powered by Brandfolder creates a seamless workflow by ingesting assignment content from photographers and videographers around the world and routing it directly to customers. This allows Getty Images customers to quickly receive content and share it with their key audiences. Today, the Getty Images team continues to leverage Media Manager Powered by Brandfolder to run its assignment business as efficiently as possible. Features such as FTP upload, content automation and share links are used to deliver the right content to the right customer in real time.

Combining Getty Images' proprietary platform, best-in-class content creators, and Media Manager Powered by Brandfolder, Getty Images is confident it can deliver high value in record time to its customers of all sizes, in all segments.

Getty Images Media Manager Powered by Brandfolder enables customers to drive maximum value from Brandfolder's DAM functionality — making it easy for customers to share, distribute and publish Getty Images content as well as their own key assets across their organizations.

Working with Brandfolder's product, sales, engineering and customer support has proven to be very collaborative. We appreciate their willingness to incorporate features into their platform that are critical to our customers. We love the ongoing ability we have to serve our customers with a best-in-class DAM knowing we are backed up by a partner who understands our business and our customers' needs – Peter Orlowsky, Senior VP of Partnerships

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