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Ibotta's client story

Ibotta powers 120 million emails per month through Brandfolder's CDN

Ibotta is a mobile shopping app that gives everyday shoppers cash back for doing what they do best — shopping. Whether it's at the grocery store, pharmacy, restaurants or online, Ibotta has helped shoppers save more than $500 million since its foundation in 2012.

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Jessa Moon headshot

Jessa Moon

Marketing Email Developer

Company Stats

  • Launched in 2012

  • Nearly 22 million downloads

  • More than $525 million in cash back rewards

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At Ibotta, emails and in-app messaging are mission critical to the engagement of their mobile shopping app. Because of this, they send around 120 million emails per month in order to keep their customers coming back for more.

Prior to Brandfolder, Ibotta relied on an in-house, proprietary library system that caused Jessa and her team major headaches.

  • Digital assets were sent to Jessa through emails or cloud storage links, such as Box, which would easily get lost in the shuffle
  • File sizes and formats were limited and of lesser quality within their communications
  • Previous campaign assets were not easily logged and maintained
  • Campaign asset performance was hard to measure and understand for future optimization


Jessa came to Brandfolder to help implement an organized and flexible single source of truth that would also provide distribution and asset analytics from the programs that matter the most to their bottom line – email and in-app messaging.

Now, Jessa can easily store, organize, distribute, and measure all of their production assets using Brandfolder features like:

  • Collection of digital assets by participating stores and brands
  • Bulk tagging and management by season, campaigns and products
  • Smart CDN links to embed high-quality digital assets, such as animated GIFs and 3D images
  • Asset analytics and insights to measure effectiveness and incrementality against specific campaigns


Thanks to Brandfolder's intuitive platform and smart CDN links, Ibotta has been able to power 120 emails per month with ease and Jessa has a trusted platform and vendor that she can rely on. Knowing exactly where her creative team's assets live allows Jessa to streamline her workload and easily add in digital assets without tedious extra steps.

All it takes is grabbing an asset from Brandfolder, embedding that asset link into their marketing campaigns, and watching edits propagate immediately when creative and marketing teams have last minute changes - even retroactively after a campaign launches.

Jessa can now spend her time doing the work that matters to her – writing code and experimenting with different formats and styles to keep Ibotta's savers engaged and shopping for more.

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