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P.F. Chang's client story

P.F. Chang's manages its brand in 23 international markets using Brandfolder

P.F. Chang's is an Asian restaurant concept founded on one principle: make food from scratch every day in every restaurant. As the first multi-unit restaurant concept in the U.S. to embrace the 2,000-year-old tradition of wok cooking, P.F. Chang's takes pride in orchestrating a consistent guest experience and brand identity.

P.F. Chang's logo
Anthony Nguyen headshot

Anthony Nguyen

Director of Global Marketing

Company Stats

  • Launched in 1993

  • More than 300 locations in 23 countries

  • 1.5 million orders of Dynamite Shrimp per year

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For P.F. Chang's, maintaining a consistent guest experience around the world is essential to their success. This requires each of their partners (licensed P.F. Chang's operators) to access approved creative assets that align with their global mission.

Before Brandfolder, P.F. Chang's utilized an FTP server and physically mailed hard drives to partners in countries like Brazil, South Korea, and Costa Rica.

Anthony Nguyen, the Director of Global Marketing for EMEA, couldn't help but notice the lack of functionality in their FTP. It not only created inefficiencies for their international partners, but also caused many headaches for the larger global marketing team. Additionally, Anthony knew that incorporating video and inspired photography would allow their cuisine to shine. With high-quality asset downloads taking hours, their previous method of file distribution prevented their marketing strategy from thriving.

  • Digital assets were sent to international partners via an out-of-date FTP or on physical hard drives in the mail
  • Simple image downloads took hours, increasing time-to-market for creative campaigns
  • Brand updates and minor asset edits led to ad-hoc file requests and missed deadlines for the global marketing team
  • FTP system didn't allow P.F. Chang's to track asset usage

P.F. Chang's food collage


Anthony implemented Brandfolder to keep international partners, at all 305 P.F. Chang's locations, working with assets approved for their local region. By providing a central source of truth for their partners to access, Anthony and his team save time. Now, they can create unique marketing campaigns instead of responding to endless asset requests.

Anthony maintains brand integrity across 23 global partners with features like:

  • Asset availability, which allows publishing and setting expiration dates of an asset at precise times worldwide
  • Convert file format and resize files which empowers partners to edit assets themselves and saves creatives valuable time
  • Curated Collections with the right assets for international partners and individualized user permissions
  • Asset analytics to track and proactively plan marketing campaigns


With Brandfolder's single version of truth and efficient global distribution, customer experience has become more consistent at P.F. Chang's.

When a visual update or new campaign launches, marketers in Saudi Arabia or Argentina pull new logos, print ads, or product shots all from a central source of truth. Downloads do not take hours, and no one runs to the post office with a hard drive in-hand. The global marketing team can bulk manage assets and their availability in seconds.

With each of their international partners accessing assets efficiently and their global team proactively analyzing usage trends, Anthony can prioritize strategic work vs. monotonous projects.

More of his time is spent developing standout strategies, which help P.F. Chang's remain a customer experience leader in the restaurant space. Rather than answering ad-hoc file requests, Anthony helps keep P.F. Chang's customer base looking forward to their next round of dynamite shrimp and Chang's lettuce wraps.

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