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Quicksilver Scientific's client story

Quicksilver increases speed to market for products thanks to Brandfolder

Quicksilver Scientific, a leading manufacturer of nutritional systems and detoxification protocols, creates products that combine nature's nutrients with the power of science. Selling to both health practitioners and directly to consumers, Quicksilver has more than 40 products and SKUs on their shelves.

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Celeste Hawthorne headshot

Celeste Hawthorne

Channel Marketing Manager

Company Stats

  • Sells products through DTC distributors and health practitioners

  • All 50+ products are created & bottled in Lafayette, Colorado

  • Utilizes nanoparticle technology for superior bioavailability

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Imagine having an assistant that keeps everything that you've ever created incredibly organized. They can find it for you right away, as soon as you ask, and then if you need to gather everything and send it, they can do that for you right away. Brandfolder is the best marketing assistant you could possibly ask for. –Celeste Hawthorne, Channel Marketing Manager


For Quicksilver, creating and launching high-quality health supplements into the market is the name of the game in order to live up to their mission—to provide consumer products that help restore, maintain and advance consumer health. Many different assets are required for those launches, from short product videos and informational webinars to supplement fact sheets. Not only must the marketing team provide relevant assets to the sales department, they must also share educational, as well as consumer-facing materials with CX.

Prior to implementing Brandfolder, Quicksilver relied on Dropbox and other folder-based organization structures to manage their digital assets. It was time-consuming and cumbersome and Celeste Hawthorne, Quicksilver's Channel Marketing Manager at the time (she's now the Director of Marketing Activations), was simply not confident sending her stakeholders to find and use the right assets.

"Everyone was saving files with different naming conventions. We would aimlessly dig through folders to find the right assets or send our partners on an Easter egg hunt and just hope they found the right asset. The whole process was a huge stop gap in our business," said Celeste.

As you can imagine, this was not an efficient process whatsoever. It was also not an efficient process when interacting with practitioners who would call into the support line. Digging through folders to uncover the accurate dosage of a "liposome," for example, delayed the support experience on a call or in a chat, and threatened the CX team's success.

scientist pouring out powder


Celeste knew the lack of organization and the irritating process of finding and distributing product assets had to change. She had previously worked with Brandfolder, and knew it was a tool that many different internal teams and external stakeholders touched seamlessly. It immediately became a game changer for every single department and improved customer experiences.

Now, every team at Quicksilver uses Brandfolder—from their customer support team members who directly interact with customers and need to quickly and efficiently send them product sell sheets, to their executives looking at insights and analytics, to their sales teams going in and manipulating the assets they need for custom presentations or product videos.

"It's really exciting knowing I don't have to recreate all of these materials or messaging snippets every time I'm talking to a customer," said Calie Freestone, the Customer Experience Manager at Quicksilver Scientific. "Now I can easily go into Brandfolder, grab a bunch of assets associated with a particular product—like PushCatch LiverDetox—and easily share that link in a matter of seconds."

Calie also uses Brandfolder as an educational training repository for all of her employees. Everyone on her team, as well as new employees at Quicksilver Scientific, are able to go in, find a product in its designated section, and quickly learn all about it through its associated assets.

"Now, I tell my employees to Google their questions in Brandfolder. It's that easy. They type in the search bar and everything they need is right there. There's the dosing, there's the recommended use, and there's the protocol—all for that particular product," said Calie.

two people problem solving over a laptop


Since implementing Brandfolder, Quicksilver Scientific has gained a central repository to house and manage all of their digital assets associated with the 40+ product SKUs they sell across multiple channels—like Amazon and SMB boutique retailers. It's intuitive enough for anyone—whether an internal team member or an external agency or distributor—to go in and find what they're looking for when they need it.

The entire marketing and creative teams have improved their daily workflow efficiencies and save up to 5 hours a week because they are not searching for or recreating assets. They now can do that in a matter of minutes.

And, Brandfolder makes Celeste and her customer support team, as well as every team in the organization, feel empowered and confident in their product knowledge. They have cut their email response time down from 10 minutes to less than a minute thanks to Brandfolder.

Key Takeaways

  • Chaotic asset sprawl with Dropbox, servers, and desktops → a centralized repository on a cloud-based platform that protects information and eliminates asset sprawl
  • Irritating naming conventions in buried folders → intuitive and product-specific auto-tagging taxonomy in their central source of truth for quicker findability
  • No clear way to conveniently distinguish product assets → custom sections for different product lines and all of their associated assets, as well as similar assets feature for product upsell opportunities
  • A tedious manual method of distributing assets to their direct to consumer channel, as well as distributors and retailers → Brandfolder share links and conversion features empower stakeholders to modify assets for the individual products they sell or pitch quickly and autonomously, saving time and effort for all parties
  • Slow time to market due to tedious methods of distributing to channels, partners, and marketing campaigns → faster time to market with accurate versions and multiple types of assets
  • Poor customer experiences because chaotic asset environment precipitated delayed response times → fast and intelligent responses with product assets at their fingertips, providing more upsell opportunities
  • Rifts in relationships due to stress finding and recreating assets → improved relationships thanks to self-service features and findability of assets in a central source of truth

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