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Red Hat's client story

Red Hat uses Brandfolder Content Automation to maintain governance and reduce production and overhead costs

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source, enterprise IT solutions. With 85 offices in 35 countries, Red Hat provides operating system platforms, middleware, applications, management products, support, training and consulting services.

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Company Stats

  • Technology

  • 11,000+ employees worldwide

  • 85 offices in 35 countries

  • 17,000+ exports

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This case study is about Brandfolder Content Automation, previously known as Outfit. We are thrilled to offer this templating technology as part of our digital asset management platform. You can learn more about Brandfolder Content Automation here.


Due to exponential growth in the Asia-Pacific region, Red Hat was investing a lot of resources into producing and distributing marketing material.

The existing process was time-consuming, repetitive and costly while overloading the brand and marketing teams. Red Hat's corporate brand also suffered through inconsistent execution when ad-hoc marketing materials, produced by external vendors, were of poor quality.

Brand governance faced many challenges, as did the local marketing teams. The materials production and distribution process in the region was greatly affected by a gradual dilution of the Red Hat brand.

Managing brand governance across online materials, print and events execution is a must for all large enterprises. Managing the brand on a global scale across several countries, languages and catering for local marketing needs is an entirely different brand game.

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The templates, created by in-house designers, can instantly be shared with marketing and production teams across the globe to produce localized materials, on demand, in multiple output formats such as pdf, png, jpg or HTML.

Dynamic customization capabilities and automatic resizing eliminate the need to manually version creative, significantly lowering Red Hat’s production costs.

Brandfolder Content Automation also empowers Red Hat's field marketing teams and agencies to write and edit content, customize it to different regions and markets and render their own marketing materials with no branding concerns or bottlenecks.

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Red Hat has been able to implement and maintain strong governance and cut production costs and overhead expenses. The brand and marketing teams reclaimed time from repeatable production logistics and invested it in the creative and strategic aspects of the Red Hat brand.

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The product of this partnership with Brandfolder Content Automation has turned Red Hat’s global brand into a truly dynamic system - configurable, flexible and accessible. Their messaging can adapt rapidly across a range of media and their marketing teams have full creative control — in real time. Instead of churning volume and budget through different creative material versions around the world, Brandfolder Content Automation has removed the ‘cost of business’ from a base-materials perspective.

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