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Russell Stover's client story

Russell Stover strengthens sales and design with Brandfolder

Russell Stover is one of the most beloved chocolate brands in North America. They opened their doors back in 1923 and have produced high-quality chocolate with innovative and unique business practices ever since.

Russell Stover logo
Jeff Stapleton headshot

Jeff Stapleton

Senior Graphic Designer

Company Stats

  • Launched in 1923

  • Headquartered in Kansas City since 1932

  • Produces 90 million pounds of candies per year

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Russell Stover uses unique package design and tailored sales materials to drive sales at grocery stores, specialty chocolate stores, and online retailers. To deliver the highest quality product and customer experience possible, they're always looking for areas of improvement.

Before Brandfolder, Russell Stover used a traditional in-house server to store and manage their digital assets. This server's outdated taxonomy and organization was inherited by Jeff Stapleton, Senior Graphic Designer, and the current group of creatives.

  • Ad-hoc file requests were sent to marketers and creatives multiple times per day, taking attention away from more strategic work
  • Inconsistent organization and taxonomy made finding and deploying digital assets a challenge
  • Designs would be printed and paperclipped together rather than uploaded to the shared server, which created greater asset sprawl
  • Quality assets were underutilized due to inability to find and view assets quickly

Russell Stover chocolate candy


Jeff found that Brandfolder created clear organization of his digital assets while remaining flexible for a variety of users. Brandfolder's single source of truth made the sales, marketing, and design teams more efficient.

Russell Stover now powers their brand with features like:

  • Asset availability which allows for publishing and expiring assets to aid in product redesigns
  • Robust internal search based on criteria unique to Russell Stover's product offering
  • Four different user types and unique permissions ensure users only have access to what they need and maintain a single version of truth
  • Findability and advanced export options save time for users deploying assets while keeping creatives away from ad-hoc requests
  • Share links for Brandfolder assets help retailers showcase the Russell Stover product while remaining on-brand


By giving teams access to the right file at the right time, Brandfolder helps Jeff and Russell Stover further their tradition of crafting great, innovative chocolates.

A member of the sales team can search right within Brandfolder and quickly find new product shots. Those product shots are easily shareable on social media or with retailer partners through custom decks. Days filled with paperclipping designs together and endlessly clicking around disorganized folders are long gone.

Russell Stover has powered a product redesign, improved the workflow between marketers and creatives, and employed their existing digital assets more frequently with Brandfolder. Any time that Jeff used to spend turning pngs into jpegs is now spent aligning the go-to-market team and empowering his team to do their best creative work.

In Jeff's own words, "I was never afraid to switch to Brandfolder, because I knew that the way we were doing it was not working anymore. And you cannot be afraid, as a big company or even a small company, to progress. You need that; you need to grow."

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