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Under Armour's client story

Under Armour

Under Armour's groundbreaking innovations have helped it become a global leader in the sports apparel and accessories industry, outfitting stars like Jordan Speith, Lindsey Vonn, and Tom Brady. Aimed at transforming fitness and performance, Under Armour's Connected Fitness business unit leverages new and emerging digital technologies to create unmatched experiences.

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Allison Glass headshot

Allison Glass

PR Manager at Connected Fitness

Company Stats

  • Founded in 1996

  • More than 400 global team members

  • Operates in five countries worldwide

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Like most international brands, having access to updated brand assets is an important part of daily operations for the Connected Fitness team. But with over 400 team members operating from offices in five different global locations, brand disorganization posed a major challenge.

The Connected Fitness team relied on email, traditional cloud storage, and desktop files to manage their brand, which made it extremely difficult to find assets. Even after a product image or logo was located, employees still had no way of knowing whether or not it was the most recent version. This initiated a sequence of email requests and fruitless searching, which further wasted precious time and energy.

Brandfolder makes it easy to add more assets as our products develop, and we will continue to make updates as these products mature over time. Our company moves at an incredible speed, and we need tools that can adapt with us, versus tools that have an expiration date. – Allison Glass, PR Manager at Connected Fitness

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As the UA HealthBox launch deadline neared, members of the Connected Fitness team knew the brand needed a solution to the inefficiencies caused by using conventional tools. The team chose to adopt Brandfolder because it provided an intuitive, central location where all five global teams could collaborate. While preparing to launch UA HealthBox at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Connected Fitness team used a private Brandfolder instead of a traditional media kit to prepare new product assets for press. This Brandfolder provided a secure location where designers, marketers, and PR professionals could deposit final brand assets, such as lifestyle imagery and app screenshots. Using Brandfolder instead of traditional media kits certainly paid off. When UA HealthBox debuted at CES, it won over 20 CES awards, including multiple "Best of CES" accolades.

Improved collaboration

By keeping all new product assets in a single location, the Connected Fitness team was able to stay on schedule with their product launch plan. The ability to easily make updates to existing assets in Brandfolder also helped the team eliminate confusion about versioning.

Global consistency

Before the official launch of UA HealthBox, the Connected Fitness team shared their private Brandfolder exclusively with 35 members of the media. This proactive pre-briefing approach helped generate over 1.5 billion media impressions — all of which were accurate and on-brand.

Powerful customization

The Connected Fitness team customized their Brandfolder by adding visual brand elements, such as a header image and organizational features like custom sections. This helped Under Armour's Connected Fitness team create a consistent brand experience for press and partners.

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