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Zoom's creative team saves over 4,000 hours with Brandfolder

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. helps people stay connected so they can get more done together. From chat, phone, meetings, and webinars to conference room systems and online events, Zoom powers all your communication needs. Zoom's reliable platform offers a high-quality experience that is easy to manage, use, and customize.

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Brandon Realmonte headshot

Brandon Realmonte

Creative Manager

Nick Wenzel headshot

Nick Wenzel

Visual Designer

Company Stats

  • Founded in 2011

  • 6,800+ employees

  • Over 4,000 hours saved in a year using Brandfolder

  • Nearly 20-30 vendors accessing assets on a daily basis

  • Operates in 243 countries and territories globally

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During the rapid rise of remote work brought on by the global pandemic, Zoom was one of the fastest-growing communication platforms: with over 4 million Zoom Phone seats sold worldwide since Zoom Phone's launch in 2019. The need for agility and resilience as the company experienced such tremendous growth was top of mind every day as employees navigated the changing tide.

Historically Zoom hosted all its assets on Google Drive via multiple folders that were unorganized, hard to access and a nightmare to search through. Brandon Realmonte, Zoom's creative manager, was the go-to person for retrieving brand assets. "I would spend no less than 25% of my time, so about 10 hours per week, to help find assets for internal teams." You can imagine how frustrating it was spending so much time searching for assets while balancing leading his team and fostering their creativity.

As the single point of contact for all things creative, Brandon quickly realized his situation wouldn't be sustainable with Zoom's rapid growth. He searched for a better solution and was encourgaed when he learned about Brandfolder. It was an easy sell to the CMO when he mentioned, "It will save 60% of our design resources' time if we get Brandfolder to host and organize all our assets." The CMO signed the contract with Brandfolder the next day.

I would spend no less than 25% of my time, so about 10 hours per week [searching for assets], to help find assets for internal teams. – Brandon Realmonte, Creative Manager


Today Zoom operates on a global scale in over 243 countries and territories leveraging Brandfolder as its central hub and repository for creative assets and final designs. With thousands of approved, on-brand assets in Brandfolder, Brandon rests easy knowing his 6,000+ stakeholders can find everything they need to create the websites, email campaigns and other marketing material to support Zoom's massively increased scale.

Using Brandfolder's Smart CDN has allowed Zoom to simplify and accelerate email localization and webpage development. Smart CDN powers localized emails in multiple locations across the globe while pointing back to a single source of truth making it easy to roll out new localizations or quickly make changes should the need arise. Previously, developers at Zoom would need to manually add assets to their mockups, or leave them out entirely, slowing the development process. Smart CDN allows them to quickly and easily embed creative assets into web page mockups.

Additionally, managing partners at the scale demanded by an enterprise like Zoom can be a massive effort. Portals allow thousands of partners to access curated assets and self-serve, saving the team hours each week.

Now, internal employees love browsing the Zoom virtual backgrounds portal to pick their favorite Zoom background for the day. They use Brandfolder Templates to create virtual backgrounds for nearly every holiday and occasion, in turn telling a story with their co-branding. Using Brandfolder to store these official Zoom-templated backgrounds helped make adoption much easier.

Zoom portal example and collage of zoom virtual background options

"The hardest thing about rolling out a new tool is adoption and getting everyone to want to go to it," says Brandon. "[Storing Zoom virtual backgrounds on Brandfolder] was our way in that we didn't know existed. Thousands of employees have gone to our Brandfolder because of the virtual backgrounds. Then once they land on it, they see all the other assets we have for them and keep coming back." Brandon Realmonte reveals how Brandfolder has helped Zoom distribute assets quickly and for employees to self-serve by making assets easy to find.

Empowering a Culture Through Brandfolder

"There's a certain clout associated with having your background on Brandfolder. Before, anyone could upload a background with or without a logo. There's something special about it being on Brandfolder because it's gotten company-wide approval. There's this Zoom cultural pride reaching that level of distribution. It helps us give that stamp of approval. Of course, there are rogue backgrounds everywhere but these are the backgrounds." Zoom's visual designer, Nick Wenzel, articulates.

Zoom Success Stats:

  • Brandfolder saves Zoom's creative team 4,000+ hours every year (that's 103 work weeks!) thanks to findability and self-service features
  • ~2,700 assets and 20 Brandfolder Collections are centrally stored and found every day through Brandfolder
  • 6,800+ Zoom employees around the world can now quickly access assets
  • 20-30 vendors access assets through customized portals without any delay
  • 3,000+ templates were created to streamline their workflow process
  • The team rolled out 4 robust product launches in 7 months thanks to advanced search features based on product-specific verbiage
  • Their file storage went from asset chaos to organized nirvana in a matter of a few weeks with a quick implementation window
  • On-brand and up-to-date, localized assets are being used in the market thanks to the removal of manual processes and findability of on-brand templates

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