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Our client list is comprised of the best brands in every industry.


Powerhouses like Edelman and Weber Shandwick utilize Brandfolder to productively collaborate with their clients. Whether creating new assets, revising existing assets, or distributing finalized assets, Brandfolder is the source of truth between agencies and their clients.

Brandfolder also provides the organizational structure needed to seamlessly manage multiple clients. Clients have access to all of their assets in one place, eliminating the email requests for logos, brand colors, or font files. Paired with Insights, agencies and their clients can better understand their asset performance, helping agencies to grow client engagements and deliver results.

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Tech giants like Slack, Shazam, and OpenTable trust Brandfolder with their most important digital assets - their brand assets. Whether going through a rebrand (OpenTable), eliminating hundreds of requests for logos and CEO headshots (Slack), or showcasing brand identity guidelines and the valuable components that comprise them (Shazam), Brandfolder knows technology companies.

Organize collateral for a product launch, collaborate globally, or share your brand press kit. Whatever your needs, Brandfolder acts as a self-serve portal for employees and partners so they can access what they need, when they need it.

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Do you need to manage multiple brands with hundreds or thousands of supporting assets? Retail brands like PVH, Under Armour, and FINIS utilize Brandfolder as the source of truth for employees, distributors, and press.

Harness the power of an organized, versatile online brand portal that contains vital product information, metadata, and SKUs. In addition, retail companies can use Brandfolder to provide employees, partners, and distributors with up-to-date content while also having line of sight into who's accessing assets and how they're being shared.

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Globally recognized sports brands, like the Seattle Seahawks and the San Antonio Spurs, use Brandfolder to manage their valuable, highly trafficked brand assets. Whether housing uniform specs, approved athlete photos, or team and sponsorship logos, Brandfolder is the source of truth for all assets, making collaboration among press, suite holders, and fans a breeze.

Sports brands maintain their integrity by ensuring the right assets are accessed while also having data to understand how their assets are being used online and by whom, via Brandfolder Insights.

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You brew the beer, we’ll ferment your brand.

Store, manipulate, and share brand assets with your distribution network. Get real-time analytics and award-winning customer service.

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