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header showcasing brands that have a brandfolderheader showcasing brands that have a brandfolder

Brandfolder moves the world's biggest and best brands forward.

four people working together in an agency


DAM is an agency differentiator. Built for clients but managed by agencies. Brandfolder helps both parties streamline asset creation, store files and facilitate hand-off from one collective location.

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Food & Beverage

Brandfolder empowers food and beverage brands to scale with consistency, efficiently drive sales via domestic and international vendor distribution, and ensure overall brand quality at every consumer touchpoint.

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A strong, consistent brand is the largest factor for success to franchises. DAMs ensure customers have the same quality experience at every location.

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Brandfolder is the DAM platform for manufacturing professionals working with durable and non-durable products. Consolidate your team's digital assets in a modern central source of truth and distribute to global stakeholders with ease.

example of a retailer's product line stored in a Brandfolder


With cloud capacity to store unlimited assets, Brandfolder is an online brand portal for retail employees, distributors and press. Keeping organized and up-to-date product info, metadata and SKUs is vital in the retail space.

football player


Brandfolder manages the storage and drives the distribution of valuable brand assets that contribute to sports marketing, promotion, publicity, sponsorship sales opportunities and more.



Brandfolder acts as both a customer and product-centric content repository for technology clients, aiding heavily in the development and release of some of the largest products in tech.