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Globally recognized sports brands, like the Seattle Seahawks and the San Antonio Spurs, use Brandfolder to manage their valuable, highly trafficked brand assets. Whether housing uniform specs, approved athlete photos, or team and sponsorship logos, Brandfolder is the source of truth for all assets, making collaboration among press, suite holders, and fans a breeze.

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Privacy Control

Professional athletes and athletic teams represent one of the most costly, commercial forms of brand. Athletic logo and sponsorship use tops the list of assets in expense and protection.

Brandfolder provides sports clients with the highest level of privacy, security, and brand monitoring available. Absolutely no asset can be used without explicit permission from an administrator. Our customers enjoy the single best privacy control and brand integrity of any digital asset management software.

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Keep everyone, internal and external, on the same page by providing access via embedded assets on a website, single shared link, a collection and groups, or a saved search. Brandfolder empowers you to automatically group similar items based on criteria you desire; color, marketing tentpole, season, or type.

Your organization can distribute, share, and update collections on the fly as assets are changed--even set custom dates for assets to appear and be removed from a collection.

Home or Away

Display your public or limited distribution jerseys, press releases, marketing materials, and brand assets with auto-expiration attached to each item you want to distribute publicly. Maintain your work-in-progress designs and assets in a private, undistributed collection with rights-managed sharing.

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