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With the Brandfolder and Contentful integration, marketing and web developer teams can enhance their digital content experiences by easily finding and deploying on-brand, rich media–without ever leaving the CMS.

Users can embed assets in all Contentful hosted content models and includes all associated asset metadata and information, such as IDs, tags, descriptions, asset availability, and approval status. Improve brand consistency and effectively use media content across your websites while saving your teams the hassle of digging through media libraries and folders.

Benefits of Brandfolder and Contentful:

  • Easily access on-brand and approved media assets from Brandfolder within Contentful
  • Use advanced Brandfolder search capabilities to find the right assets for the right content experiences
  • Use smart CDN embed links within the Contentful content blocks for tracking and measuring purposes, as well as enhanced load speeds of assets anywhere a reader is located
  • Ensure brand consistency across all web properties by establishing a single source of truth for all latest asset versions

To learn more about our integration, click here.