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RapidCompact 3D

RapidCompact 3D

We’ve partnered with RapidCompact, the leader in 3D content optimization, to embed 3D support in Brandfolder. This integration will offer users a simple way to add 3D assets to Brandfolder, preview and rotate assets, create preset and customizable optimizations of 3D models for multiple platforms, and easily share them with partners or guests.

While some digital asset management platforms support 3D file types, most have a basic feature set that’s not very comprehensive.

What can Brandfolder users do?

  • Share 3D models with distribution partners via an optimized embedded link
  • Automatically pull in 3D metadata as custom fields
  • Access optimized files in Brandfolder based on RapidCompact settings
  • Adjust optimization settings within RapidCompact's UI