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Connect Brandfolder with Shopify to power your e-commerce directly from your digital asset management platform. With this integration, quickly find and use brand assets from Brandfolder to build beautiful, on-brand online storefronts, landing pages, and promotions, all without leaving the Shopify website. With Brandfolder’s Shopify integration, users can

  1. Search, place, resize and crop images to build on-brand content Once you’ve found the assets you’re looking for using Brandfolder’s augmented search and advanced filter logic, getting the proper layout and design is a snap.

  2. Place content directly into your Shopify store Deliver eCommerce experiences from your Brandfolder with high quality, impactful, and on-brand product and marketing content.

  3. Create an efficient, streamlined workflow for users Save assets from your Shopify store directly to Brandfolder, or select and upload multiple assets at once.

Talk to your account representative about setting up the Shopify integration.