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5 Brandfolder Hacks to Start Using Today

On a daily basis, I hear CMOs and marketing teams say they have “a million projects underway” or that they’re “completely swamped.”

Wouldn’t it be a nice breath of fresh air if — just for once — a project took only minutes instead of months?

We think so too, and that’s why we’ve compiled this list of helpful features. So take a deep breath, my friends: here are 5 simple Brandfolder hacks to make your lives easier.

1. Customize the look of your Brandfolder

Header images on Facebook and Twitter give you the chance to show a bit of your brand’s creativity and character. Shouldn’t the platform where your assets live feel like your brand, too?

Brandfolder makes it easy to add a custom header image. Just click on the settings icon in the top right corner of your Brandfolder. Click “basic settings” and upload a high-quality landscape image under “Header Image.”

We recommend that your image is 1920 x 480 pixels, with the most important content near the center of the photo.

2. Convert and resize images

Need to convert a vector file to a different file type? Brandfolder makes it easy to change image sizes — no designer needed. We’ll always keep the aspect ratio the same, so your images will never be distorted, stretched or improperly cropped.

Simply open an asset and click to the right to see which options are available.

3. Share your finest video and rich media

We have a variety of ways to host and store your large video files — but if your latest promotion or training videos already live online, sharing them just got easier. Visitors can watch videos, share presentations, or even check out your Instagram from right inside Brandfolder.

In your external media section, simply link to where your media lives on the web. Brandfolder supports over 300 media providers including Youtube, Vimeo, Scribd, Slideshare and Giphy.

For more tips on crafting your best brand, check out these 3 Beautiful Brand Guides Guaranteed to Inspire You.

Tags are the easiest way to keep your assets organized and help others quickly find what they’re searching for.

To tag, click “edit” on an asset. In the box designated for tags, type in a word and press enter or tab on your keyboard.

3 more tips on Tagging:

  1. If you’re not sure whether or not a tag is already being used, the auto-suggest feature displays current tags as you begin typing.
  2. Brandfolder’s bulk actions bar makes it easy to add or delete a large number of tags at once.
  3. To promote specific tags, search for a tag and click “pin tag” to pin that keyword to the top of your Brandfolder.

Check out how our friends at Map My Fitness leverage pinned tags to promote different apps.

5. Embed Brandfolder on your site the easy way

Imagine providing the exact Brandfolder experience — without ever leaving your own website. We’ve made our simple pop-up embed easy enough for even the most technically un-savvy of users. (Trust me, I’m not technical and even I’ve nailed this one!)

Click the gear icon located in the upper right corner of your Brandfolder and select “get embed code.”

Showcasing your Brandfolder on your site is just a copy and paste away!

Brandfolder’s expertise is in sharing and showcasing the assets that mean the most to you. Because we believe your time is precious, we strive to create a product that takes just a few weeks to master and makes your life exponentially more efficient.

If you have any questions about these Brandfolder hacks or would like to learn more about our digital asset management solution, please reach out to

Audrey leads the Customer Experience team @Brandfolder. In addition to a good hard cider, she enjoys the lost art of writing notes on fancy stationary. Audrey believes that the most significant brands of our lifetime will be those who dedicate time to creating personal connections and re-imagining the consumer experience.