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5 Top-Notch Branding & Design Blogs

Take a second and picture Apple’s logo circa 1990. It was a bright, multicolored piece of fruit. Picture it now: still a piece of fruit, but it’s evolved into a clean, sleek apple that, arguably, defines today’s design sensibility.

Our point? The world of design is constantly changing in subtle, yet important ways. To help you keep on top of the latest and greatest trends, we pulled together our five favorite blogs for design inspiration and enlightenment.

  1. Cool Hunting

Cool Hunting was established in 2003 and has become a go-to reference for all designers. The site stays active with a hyper-engaged global audience and contributor base. Such a broad geographic scope gives them the authority to share compelling and eccentric content like this in-growler beer carbonation system and this limestone-based Japanese wetsuit.

  1. Identity Designed

From Bubble Tea to The Children’s Society, Identity Designed serves up enticing details about some of the world’s best brand identity projects. Blog creator David Airey differentiates ID from other design blogs by strictly covering the field of brand identity.

  1. The Dieline

The Dieline is probably best known for The Dieline Awards 2014. While searching for inspiration, packaging production artist Andrew Gibbs started getting kicked out of stores for taking photos of products. He created The Dieline so that fellow designers who were on the hunt for inspiration could stay inspired, informed, and out of trouble.

  1. Brand New

Brand New serves up informative reviews on the latest logos and identities, such as the rebranding of Portugal’s exotic Porto and the 2018 FIFA World Cup logo. The site also hosts the Brand New Conference, which brings together designers from around the world each year to exchange ideas.

  1. Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love proves that sometimes it’s okay to have an obvious name. The site recently published its second crash course in brand identity design, entitled Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities. Their hand-picked designs include these nostalgic Oregon Scout Badges and Made in Britain logos that we just, well, love.