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Brandfolder Feature Roundup: April 2023

This spring, our team is ecstatic to show you all the work we’ve done to help you clean up your processes and streamline your assets. Our team has made significant changes from a new Brandguide editor, new Content Automation features and new ways to visualize share links and organize assets. So, be prepared to get inspired and learn what’s new at Brandfolder this month!

Brandguide with a New Editing Experience

In March, we launched a new editing experience for our dark horse, Brandguide! It’s our latest release that helps you keep your brand consistent, no matter who's telling your story.

Brandguide pulls assets, colors, fonts and more directly from your Brandfolder, so whenever there's an update, it automatically updates all throughout your Brandguide materials. In addition, we have more customization options than ever, with a header image, custom code and more. So you'll always be confident about your brand materials being the most up-to-date versions and know they represent your brand perfectly every time.

Brandguide can also house more than simply your brand materials and guidelines. For example, create one to gather materials for an event, campaign or product launch. Define the parameters for packaging and POS for your retail partners or show brand partnership representation. There are endless opportunities for using Brandguide to align goals and guidelines across teams and continents.

To learn more about the new editor and how to get started, check out our Knowledge Base articles for the latest tips to get the most out of Brandguide.

If you don’t have Brandguide already, reach out to your CSM to add one today!

A New Way to Create Templates

With Brandfolder’s Content Automation, marketing and creative teams can reduce the number of incoming design requests by creating customizable templates for digital and print content. And now, with our new editor, anyone on the team is empowered to create and publish creative templates in a fraction of the time. No technical design or coding skills are required — simply drag and drop brand elements into place to build your template. And voilà — faster creation and faster go-to-market are not just in your dreams.

Feature Roundup Inline Drag and Drop Editor

Share Assets in Style

When sharing assets with Brandfolder using a public share link, toggle on gallery view to share in a simplified, tile-like format. Delight your stakeholders with a more visually pleasing experience while hiding metadata and other potentially sensitive information. Gallery view is available for every user on every plan type, so you can start sharing immediately.

Feature Roundup Inline Gallery View

Custom Fields, Where You Want Them

When you click into an asset, you want to get the information you need from it as quickly as possible, whether that's the SKU number of a particular product or if it's shared externally. With this new release, we've enabled admins to determine the exact order that custom fields show up on assets throughout the Brandfolder app so the most important fields to your teams can be displayed first.

Feature Roundup Inline Custom Field Sorting

Faster Asset Automation

Our team has been working diligently behind the scenes on enhancements and improvements to our asset automation tools. Faster processing speeds help you upload higher volumes of assets into our automation engine with a smoother experience at scale. Our mission is to help you work smarter, not harder, and this update allows for that to be a reality.

Q1: That’s A Wrap

That wraps up the highlights from the last few months. We're always working on new features and improvements, so be sure to keep an eye out for what's coming next! We hope you'll find something that meets your needs and helps you do more with ease.