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Introducing the Brandfolder API: Expand Your Marketing Horizons

At Brandfolder, we’re committed to building a product that makes storing, sharing, and showcasing digital assets more powerful.

To further this promise, we’re ecstatic to announce the Brandfolder API is now public.

This gives our loyal customers unlimited freedom for sharing brand assets between their existing applications and Brandfolder. Our API also opens up opportunities to leverage Brandfolder in exciting new ways.

How the Brandfolder API Works

An API, or application programming interface, is a set of instructions that establishes how two online entities can exchange information. Brandfolder’s API is RESTful and uses the JSON standard, meaning that our users have access to a simple, lightweight structure for requesting and accessing information.

Here are 3 common ways organizations might use Brandfolder’s API:

  • To push a Brandfolder’s content out to other applications
  • To pull data into Brandfolder from another application
  • To synchronize Brandfolder with another application, so pushing and pulling can occur

Additionally, 3rd-party developers can request access to build integrations on top of the Brandfolder platform.

How to Benefit From the Brandfolder API

Brandfolder’s API makes it easy to distribute digital assets across your marketing technology stack in three important ways:

1. Expand Your Marketing Ecosystem

Build pathways between each application to create a more powerful marketing ecosystem. Extending the capabilities of each tool helps ensure your internal team is efficient as possible.

2. Save time and grow your audience

Incorporate your DAM platform into your marketing stack and spend less time on tedious tasks. By focusing your most important resources on responding to market changes, you’ll grow a stronger brand.

3. Boost Brand Engagement

Link your Brandfolder’s digital assets with the applications your customers are already using. Optimizing the flow of content to your audience will increase engagement and boost brand awareness.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this exciting opportunity, please visit our Brandfolder API page to learn more and get started.

If you have any feedback regarding our API, contact