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Brandfolder Customer Satisfaction Highlighted in DAM Report

The ability to securely manage digital assets is a strategic initiative in companies of all sizes. In response to this trend, the implementation of Digital Asset Management software is increasingly necessary across all industries. To evaluate the functionality of different DAM tools in today’s market, the software review platform G2 Crowd has released its first comprehensive report on DAM solutions, citing Brandfolder as the preferred tool for marketing departments and an overall High Performer in the space.

The Spring 2015 DAM report is based on customer satisfaction level, a factor determined by user ratings and reviews, and other data such as vendor size, social impact and overall market share.

Why DAM?

The Digital Asset Management market is forecasted to triple in growth in the next 5 years, and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon. But what makes DAM so valuable?

The ability of such solutions to strengthen a company’s internal and external communications is unrivaled by other tools. Cloud-based solutions are particularly helpful for increasing productivity, because users can securely access brand assets from across the globe on a variety of devices. Such simplicity also allows cloud-based DAM providers with time and energy to create elegant interfaces that support a streamlined user experience.

Brandfolder: Strong Brands Live Here

Here at Brandfolder, we believe in the power of simplicity. By providing a straightforward, user-friendly platform for managing creative brand assets, we provide a place where brands can thrive. We pay close attention to customer feedback so that we can create an intuitive product that solves everyday marketing problems. Only when we know that a new feature will help increase efficiency for multiple companies, currently and in the future, do we begin to build.

Who Will Lead The Future of DAM?

While the G2 Crowd DAM report features many companies with a variety of strengths, an overall market leader has yet to be named. To succeed in this competitive space, DAM companies need to balance simplicity and affordability while still maintaining the functionality that make DAM tools so valuable. Cloud-based solutions provide the efficiency that strong modern brands desire, and Brandfolder is proud to offer a product that meets this need.

Read more about the G2 Crowd report here.