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Brandfolder for Illustrator: How to Stay in the Creative Zone

Picture this: You’re looking for a certain version of an image to use in a new marketing graphic, but a quick spotlight search of your laptop renders nothing. Frustrated, you minimize the Adobe Illustrator window you’re working from, and prepare yourself for an in-depth search and rescue mission.

Digging through folders upon folders in your laptop’s Finder is a fruitless attempt. So is perusing through tabs upon tabs of your internet browser. After fifteen minutes of browsing, you’ve gone down an internet wormhole and completely derailed your creative workflow.

Sounds like a designer’s nightmare, am I right? Luckily for Brandfolder users, that nightmare can remain just a dream. We’re excited to announce that Brandfolder plays nicely with the Adobe Creative Cloud applications you love the most. We recently released the Brandfolder plug-in for InDesign, and we’re back at it again with a Brandfolder plug-in for Illustrator. With these Brandfolder plug-ins, you can easily access your Brandfolder’s assets directly from your favorite Adobe applications.

(Note: Photoshop users, we haven’t forgotten about you! Stay tuned for the Brandfolder plug-in for Photoshop, coming soon.)

Here’s how it works: The Brandfolder plug-in for Adobe Illustrator allows you to drag and drop Brandfolder assets directly into an artboard from your Illustrator workspace.

This means less time searching, and more time creating.

The Brandfolder plug-in for Adobe Illustrator enables you to:

  • Quickly find and add Brandfolder assets to your Illustrator artboard
  • Avoid the hassle of downloading Brandfolder assets to your hard drive
  • Ensure collaborators are only using approved assets in your Brandfolder, as deleted or modified assets will trigger a “broken link” message

If you’re interested in using these plug-ins permanently, or would like more information, please reach out at We’d love to hear from you!