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Brandfolder of the Week: Airtame

Every Friday, we'll be highlighting one of our users' Brandfolders. To kick things off, our featured Brandfolder belongs to our friends over at Airtame.

What we love about Airtame: We're all about things that make life simpler, easier, or more productive. With the AIRTAME HDMI Dongle you can display your computer screen on your TV, projector and monitor wirelessly, which means no more hunting for adapters, wrestling with cables, or being prevented from using your presentation because you can't get it on the screen.

What we love about Airtame's Brandfolder: You don't have to take our word for it that Airtame is awesome; they've gotten a ton of press, and shared the links to all of it - 116 posts! -  in their Brandfolder.

They also included a lot of interesting items in the "info" section, such as an announcement about being named the "Best Startup" at CES 2014, a note about their Indiegogo campaign, and even tech FAQ's:

Nice work, Airtame!

Be sure to check out Airtame's full Brandfolder for ideas of what you could be putting in yours, connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and pick up your Airtame - you can preorder for just $99!