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Colorado Gives Day & the RMMFI

Occasionally a company comes along that gets it. They understand their customers, know how to help them and creates products or services to make the company successful. At the Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute they work everyday to help low-income entrepreneurs build those companies.  They just also happen to be friends of ours, share a co-working office space, and are customers of Brandfolder as well.

Today (December 10th) also happens to be Colorado Gives Day, a day where all of the non-profits around the state gather together to raise awareness of their specific missions and try to raise a few dollars as well. Colorado Gives is the online toolkit that facilitates it all, supported by the non-profit Colorado First Foundation. The first year of Colorado Gives Day was just a couple years ago They started with modest goals, but by the close of the first day they had exceeded even their wildest dreams, with donations totalling over $8 million dollars. In 2012 they've exceed that by almost double - with Colorado residents donating over $15.4 million in just the first 24 hours!

This year, the Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute (RMMFI) wants to at least match their contributions from last year, equalling around $17,000. What is important here is not the amount they bring in (well, yes it is, but hear me out). What is important is what they do with it. They help BUILD BUSINESSES. The RMMFI is a non-profit organization that provides learning, lending, and coaching to grow Community Entrepreneurs who build businesses to advance along the pathway to self-sufficiency and self-worth. This means that they are getting low income families off of public assistance, shifting public debt into income for their local economies, and instilling self-confidence into a new entrepreneur and their families. Sounds awesome, right?


Check out the Q & A below with one of their recent Business Launch Boot Camp's, Latasha Bell:

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How has business ownership changed your life?

"I am definitely a different person. I look different, speak different. I am more confident and have a completely different state of mind. I wake up each morning with clear objectives. I am happy and love the fact that I am doing exactly what I want to do. I wish everyone could feel this way. I take ownership in all of my failures as well as my success,and I am accepting of both because there are lessons to be had on either side.  At this point in my life I can think back on all the lessons I have learned and they have ultimately made me stronger."

How has RMMFI helped your business?

" I don't know if I can fully explain what RMMFI truly did for me, most importantly they helped me grow. I went into the program thinking this may be easy and RMMFI was anything but easy. They stretched me as an individual.  I grew within the program,when I graduated I walked away clearly knowing my strengths. I speak well. I present well in front of groups. I did not fully know that about myself before Boot Camp. I recently had to speak in front of several hundred people at the 22nd Civil Rights Awards . I handled the situation like a completely different person. I was more confident,well spoken,and most of all prepared. I took that task head on. I was impressed with myself,clearly able to see my growth. It was an amazing feeling. This has also helped me in approaching other businesses."

Why should an entrepreneur join RMMFI's Business Launch Boot Camp?

"Do It! It was by far the best move I have ever made for my business.  I would say do it only if you are truly ready because the program is intense,and no doubt you will be stretched as an individual. You will be held accountable for all of your actions, but you will also be loved and extremely supported by the entire staff, mentors, and interns."  

Why should someone make a gift to RMMFI on Colorado Gives Day?

" You absolutely have to make a donation. This program works, it changes lives. RMMFI has assisted me in changing my life. I have a ton of support, I know even though I've graduated that I have a place to go when I need help.  This is not only about business. RMMFI can see it is about the individual as a whole. They are most deserving for the work they do for their clients.  I am and will always be extremely thankful to RMMFI. "

So today, and there is plenty of the day left, please take a moment and go to and donate to the RMMFI to truly help build a better tomorrow.

Happy Holidays!