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Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are the backbone of the internet that allow for the real-time transfer of digital content, including HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos. They're like the digital version of FedEx or UPS, and require the same logistics to secure correct and timely distribution.

While their baseline has long been established, user-centered DAMs are further leveraging CDNs for agile solutions. An effective distribution strategy is a differentiator in the DAM space. So to that end, Brandfolder-built Smart CDN offers additional value to existing CDN technology from Amazon Web Services with locations across the globe.

By employing our Smart CDN your company and overall brand will:

  • Save time for marketing and creative departments
  • Eliminate asset sprawl and incorrect content distribution
  • Create a 1:1 relationship between assets that live both inside and outside Brandfolder
  • Rapidly fix and replace mistakenly distributed images from a central location
  • Track and analyze content usage on websites outside of the digital assets management software 
  • Ensure overall brand control and usage transparency

So how exactly does Smart CDN work?

“When looking for CMS that would provide our marketing team with the fluidity and agility needed to maintain a resources page, we had to look no further than our own product. By using Brandfolder’s API and CDN to power our Resources page, marketing can streamline the dissemination and updating of all the resources they want our clients to see.” - Liz Henderson, Technical Product Manager

Digital content storage

To leverage Smart CDN, we first created a Brandfolder to organize and store all those images:

Power your Digital Assets with a Smart Content Delivery Network

Power your Digital Assets with a Smart Content Delivery Network

Every asset in Brandfolder generates an embed link that leverages our CDN, which can be referenced anywhere on the web. Instead of uploading an image, just paste the embed code. These links are available in the Brandfolder interface, and can be fetched in bulk via its open API. CDN v2.1 is available to customers by request, allowing faster rendering, more robust parameters, and better API customization.

Embed digital assets with Smart CDN

Brandfolder's Smart CDN helps solve for several critical problems to ensure near-immediate brand alignment and consistency:

  • Propagate changes across the Internet: When brands need to quickly react to the conversation or controversy of the moment, powerful asset management capabilities become increasingly critical. Brandfolder’s Smart CDN enables marketers and operations leads across retail, e-commerce, franchisees, and more to apply real-time fixes instantly. Updates are made in one place instead of contacting every distribution partner.

  • On-the-fly asset transformation and conversion: In addition to efficiently serving assets to external sites, Smart CDN enables instant file format conversions, resizing, and searching straight from the URL, while automatically preserving focal points with AI. Now assets can easily be delivered anywhere within the exact specifications – no third-party software required.

    • Need that product shot in a JPG instead of a PNG? No problem - just change the extension at the end of the URL from .png to .jpg and you’re good to go.
    • Your photo in Brandfolder has a width of 1000, but your site needs it in a 500? Easy - add the width=500 parameter to the Smart CDN URL to resize your photo instantly.
    • Utilize custom Smart CDN presets to automatically create CDN links that are set to the specs you need on a regular basis, so you don’t need to look up the dimensions of your header image every time you’re building an email.
  • Manage usage rights: Organizations can face costly legal repercussions if usage rights lapse on assets. Smart CDN links enable Brandfolder users to easily maintain assets bound by strict usage rights, managing per their terms, and automatically replacing deleted or un-approved assets.

  • Embed video assets: Use an iframe to embed video assets and set parameters to loop, autoplay, or mute the video, and control the viewing experience.

So what does this mean for your brand? In sum: quickly delivered, up to date, and on-brand digital content - all managed from a single source.

Contact us to learn more about how Brandfolder's Smart CDN can power your distribution channels.

Fun fact: all images in this post were published via our own CDN.